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Varicose Vein Statistics You Should Know

Varicose veins can be a painful and unsightly experience. It’s quickly becoming one of the highest voluntary treatments, showing just how many people are truly being affected by this condition. However, varicose veins might not be thought about until they become a major issue. Here are a few statistics that show that you should start considering your risk for varicose veins now:

How many people are impacted?

There are 40 million people in the U.S. that have been diagnosed with varicose veins, that’s about 12.5 percent of the entire country’s population that share the condition. According to ABC 7, 25 percent of those with varicose veins are men. These numbers show just how widespread varicose veins truly are, and both men and women should be aware of how this condition can affect them.

How does history affect my risk?

Family medical history has a major impact on your own health. In fact, if both of your parents have varicose veins, you have a 90 percent chance of having it as well. Even if only one parent has the condition, you have a 40 to 50 percent chance of developing it. Patients that fall into these categories are urged to consult their doctor about their level or risk as well as discuss potential treatment options.

You should also take a look at your own medical history to see if it could lead to varicose veins. According to the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR), up to 25 percent of women and 15 percent of men with venous disease will develop varicose veins as well. If you notice pain in your legs as well as any skin discoloration, talk to your doctor right away to examine your options.

Does age increase my chance?            

It’s true that the potential for varicose veins grows with age. In fact, SIR found that half of people ages 50 and older may develop this condition; of course, this also can stem from your history. However, individuals in their 20s can also get varicose veins, showing that it’s not fully exclusive to one demographic.

How much is the treatment market expected to grow?

This likely isn’t the first question you’d ask about varicose veins, but it can be an important one to understand how the industry is investing into improving your treatment options. Within the next eight years, the global vein treatment market is expected to reach $475 million. This growth is being driven by technological advancements as well as developments in varicose vein treatment devices to create less invasive procedures.

These statistics are important to remember as you consider how varicose veins could impact your health. To find out more about your treatment options, contact Heart Care Centers of Illinois Vein Care at (866)450-5347 or fill out our contact sheet!


Lauren Pirc